What our volunteers say

We support our volunteers to do the best they can, whether that’s through on-the-job training, providing information packs, covering travel expenses where appropriate or giving you other specific support needed for your volunteering role.


Rosie’s Storey

Disability volunteeringFor Rosie supporting people with disability hits extremely close to home.

In 2006, her daughter passed away from a brain tumour, which was diagnosed when she was 3.

Rosie’s daughter had received support from New Lake Peer Support Ltd., in Merewether, when she was 18 to gain support to perform daily activities.

When her daughter died Rosie was lost. “I was at a loose end, I didn’t know what to do,” she said.

“I knew I wanted to do something to help people like my daughter and my husband pushed me, suggesting I go and do some volunteering”.

“I rang to ask if there was any volunteering work going and she said yes”.

Rosie has volunteered with New Lake for 9 years and she will never look back.

“Having a daughter like my daughter has made it so rewarding for me to do what I do, and a lot of people just like to know there is a person there” she said.

Volunteering can sometimes prove difficult but she never feels pushed to offer her support.

“I don’t feel like I am pressured to come and volunteer if I don’t want to” she said.

“It is just something I love doing. New Lake is very accommodating, and if I need time off they say go for it”.

“Even when you come as a volunteer you still have to do your fair share of work because if you don’t, it’s not easy on other people” she said.

“You have to pull your weight as well”.

“I take this as a responsibility – I don’t say I’m not going to come in today because I am sick or can’t be bothered”.

“I have a roster. I am one of the team and I do what I have to do.”

Luckily, New Lake has a “phenomenal work environment”. I work with three lovely Activity Officers on three separate days and I get along with everyone. New Lake are a lovely organisation and I love the people here.

She looks forward to volunteering at New Lake and says she can’t imagine not working here.

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