Social and Recreation

We can help you to participate in a full range of community recreation and leisure activities based on your personal interests and desires.

We will work in partnership with local community groups, organise activities ourselves or support people to arrange their own.

Sports and fitness

Fancy netball? Love lawn bowls? Want to try some fishing? Perhaps you’re keen to get fit and lose weight with a fitness group? We can support you in whatever sport or fitness activity you’d like to try. If you are not the active type, we will support you to go and see your favourite team, or join a local club.


We can support you to dance the night away at a Club, or attend a dance class at your local dance centre. We also have some dance groups, Encore, Viva & Line Dancing, who put on their own performance each year.

Music & Drama

If you would like to make your own music, we may be able to help you learn an instrument. Some of the people we support at Line Dancing make music, by learning and playing guitars and other instruments. Singers will also love the Karaoke nights hosted by our service, while music lovers might prefer to see one of their favourite bands at the local Club.


For those that prefer to be in the audience, we can support people to visit a local theatre to see a show.

Learning new skills

We can help you develop skills in arts and crafts, using an iPad, or Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family. Perhaps you’re interested in photography and want to learn how to use a camera properly and take good pictures or have an interest in sewing and want to learn how to quilt a rug. We can be entirely flexible in supporting you to learn the skill you want.

Social Activities of Common Interest

Do you have an interest in ten pin bowling, scrapbooking, computers or sailing? We can help you to join a club or group that meet regularly for people with common interests.

Making friends

Participating in social and recreational activities offer opportunities for meeting other people and developing friendships. It is often these relationships that make the leisure activities most fun.


We can support people to go on a holiday overnight, for a few days or week. We can offer both supported small group holidays and individual holidays to various destinations throughout Australia, or we could support someone to go on holiday with family or friends.

Contact us or email to find out how we can support you.


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