Supported Living

We are committed to supporting people with disability to live the life they choose.

We can support you in your own home in a way that suits you. We will provide as much or as little support as necessary to enable you to achieve your personal goals. We’ll work with you to help you decide exactly what support you need to live your life.

Personal Care

We can support you with your personal support needs such as assisting you to shower, wash your hair, clean your teeth, to shave. We will work with you to support you to do as much as you can yourself.

Household Tasks

We can support you to become more independent in your home by teaching you to carry out everyday activities, like using a washing machine, hanging out the washing, ironing clothes, washing and drying the dishes, sweeping and vacuuming the floor, or look at other ways to get the job done.


We can help you do the grocery shopping or can support you to learn how to purchase groceries, clothing or items of a personal nature.


We can support you to make sure you maintain a balanced diet. We can also support you to learn how to prepare and cook healthy meals.

Money Management

We can support you to develop and manage a budget, to pay bills and keep records of your finances.

Personal Health Needs

We can support you to keep regular medical and dental appointments, refill your prescriptions or assist you take your medication.


We can support you to use public buses and trains to reach a wide variety of destinations. We could support you to develop skills such as journey planning, buying tickets, reading bus and train timetables and landmark identifications.

Contact us or email to find out how we can support you.

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